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Placed on a hill, between the Adriatic Sea and the Ostuni’s countryside, Masseria Santo Scalone preserves the colours and the scents of this authentic and genuine land.

Built in the late 1300s, Masseria Santo Scalone is one of the oldest fortified buidings in Ostuni.

Enriched by the dry stone wall’s beauty and sourrended by the Mediterranean maquis, the air around smells of wheat, as a result of the rural landascape, and brackish, thanks to the Masseria’s location, just a short distance from the sea.
The recent restoration work has revived its majesty, in full respect of the ancient structure.

Nowadays, the Masseria preserves the original architecture, made by several blocks that remind us how humans and time made it as a costantly growing place, according to the needs that each era has required.
The great complex of buildings included the “Casa Padronale”, the peasants housing, the stables, the store’s forages and harvests. This complex, sorrunded by vineyards and olive, still keeps the old thick walls together, within which there are lush and fragrant gardens and the chapel.

Nowadays, the Masseria is owned by Spadoni’s Family, who, thanks to their authentic and cozy hospitality, assures to their guests an emotional journey through the most ancient Apulia, sharing story, traditions, knoweldge and flavours of the Apulian kitchen.

The some kind of fusion between present and past times lets visitors taste every single moment of this experiential stay, with absolute relaxing moments, where every corner is usable and reveals a pleasant discovery.

The Spadoni’s have chosen to take the Masseria’s original name, from the very first owner, Joanne Scalone, as indicated in the first notary deeds dating to 1575.
Joannuccio Scalone, lived in XIV century and quoted by Ludovico Pepe in his book “Libro Rosso della città di Ostuni” (Red Book of Ostuni), was made a fellow of the private Seggio by San Biagio’s nobility.
From Scaloni’s, the land has been owned by Zaccaria’s family till 800s, who were San Biagio Seggio’s members as well.

Nowadays, the Masseria isn’t just a location where farm activities take place, but it’s also an enchanting charming House that provides an opportunity to spend delightful and relaxing holidays thanks to its magical atmosphere.

Masseria Santo Scalone
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